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Enterprise Hardware
Our cutting-edge hardware and lightning-fast network deliver unmatched performance and reliability.
Hassle Free
Experience seamless connectivity across all devices, anytime, anywhere. Our platform offers user-friendly access, allowing complete customization to suit your preferences.
Friendly Pricing
Worry-free computing with a fixed monthly price. We take care of all upgrades, repairs, security and maintenance so you can focus on the important stuff!

Seamless Experience

Effortlessly pick up where you left off on any device seamlessly. Providing a streamlined experience for uninterrupted productivity and a guarantee you can access your Box when you need it.

Windows, Mac, Linux and the rest.

Instantly access your Hyper Box from any computer and seamlessly pick up where you left off, maximizing your productivity

Windows Apple OSX Linux & Ubuntu Google OS

iOS, Android, FireOS and hundruds more.

Connect from any smart device on the go and access everything exactly as you left it.

Apple iOS Android OS Amazon Fire OS Google OS

In the palm of your hands.
IOS, Android & more!

On the move and need to check something? Connect in seconds and access everything as it was before.

Apple iOS Android OS Amazon Fire OS Google OS
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Little Box, Big Power.

All of your favourite apps, in 1 convenient little box!
Office 365
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premiere Pro
Divinci Resolve
Plex (Hardware Transcoding)
Auto Desk
+100's More

It's time for the best part

No hidden fees, no hidden contracts. Monthly rolling.

Limited Stock!
Coming Q1 of 2024


You've got questions, we've got answers!
Our Hyper Boxes are in BETA and our team is hard at work testing. Once your order has been placed our team will verify and provision your Hyper Box. Once your Hyper Box has been provisioned you will receive an activation email containing the details to your new Hyper Box and the Knowledgebase Articles to get you started.
Our Hyper Box ships out with a fully licensed Windows 10 OS with the option to have Windows 11 installed upon request. Licences are provided as part of the price of the monthly fee and require no attention from the end user. Hyper Boxes are licensed and ready to go from the jump.
No, whilst our Hyper Boxes are in BETA they are provisioned manually by our team. Once your order has been placed and verified one of the team will get to work to provision your Box. Typically this is completed within a 24 hour window, but as this is a BETA service this can take up to 30 days in rare circumstances.
Take control of your Hyper Box from pretty much any device with an internet connection. Your Hyper Box is all yours, fully dedicated to you and you can use any of your favourite apps without any restrictions. Our Knowledgebase covers connecting to your Box and the apps you can use to connect.
Your Hyper Box is fully dedicated to you, no shared hardware and no other users on your dedicated box. The Hyper Box is a Dedicated Intel NUC with an Intel Alder Lake-N100 Chipset, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, 512GB SSD NVME and 1Gbps Up/Down Networking. All yours, all the time.
Absolutely, your Hyper Box has a 12 Gen UHD Integrated Graphics Chip. Whilst this may not be capable of playing AAA+ Games on max settings, it does make a great addition to the experience. It’s great for editing light video, photoshop, MMORPG Games and much, much more.
Simply, no. Everything is monthly rolling. Meaning, from the date you start your service with us you will be charged on the same day the following month, every month. Whenever you decide to cancel your service you will be given the option to keep the service up to the date you have paid for. There are no contracts and you can leave at anytime you wish with 1 simple click.
Yes, Hyper Boxes can be localised into 1 private network for your project or business needs. Want a virtual office of 25 Boxes? We can do that, need 1500? We can do that too. Confine your compute needs into the cloud and never worry about an upgrade, failure or hiccup again! Please open a ticket to discuss your needs.
Still have unanswered questions? Let us know!