High Power Storage

High power, large capacity storage with an incredibly powerful backbone.

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Blazing Fast
Fully dedicated RAID1 disks assigned to only you. Harness the full IO of your machine.
High Capacity
Up to 160TB's of scaliable storage per machine. Never worry about running low on storage again.
Unbeatable Pricing
One fixed monthly price that dominates the market. We'll never up your price, it's all yours, all the time.

Hundreds of uses

There's hundreds of uses for your storage box, see our most popular

Share Movies & TV Shows

Share all of your latest Movies & TV Shows to your friends and family without the hassle.


Backup your workspace.

Backup an unlimited amount of servers & computers with absolutely no hassle and no limits..


Share files with the world!

Create a file server and share it with the world!

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Popular Programs!

Download any program, from anywhere! Here's a few of our most frequently run programs.
Filezilla Server
Filezilla Server
Plex Media Server
Plex Media Server
Next Cloud
Archive Box
+ Millions More!

Big Power, Bigger Potential

No hidden fees, no hidden contracts. Monthly rolling. Cancel anytime.
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The Storage Box

£ 39.99
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    Windows / Ubuntu OS
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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU @ 4.4GHz
  •  icon=
    8GB's DDR4 ECC RAM
  •  icon=
    120GB M.2 NVME Storage
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    16TB HDD Storage
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    Dedicted 1Gbps Network
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You've got questions, we've got answers!
It sure is! Your machine is paired to you and only you. When you log off we don't spin down your machine and let someone else use it. It's all yours, all the time.
By default we offer a Windows based OS but we are currently trialing Linux Ubuntu as an option.
As this is a BETA service activation is currently not automated to ensure each Storage Box is working as intended before we hand it over to you.
You can connect to your Storage Box on just about any smart device with an internet connection. For information on specific devices please open a ticket and our team can advise you.
We accept Credit/Debit Card via Stripe and Bank Transfer.
As Storage Boxes use such a high amount of storage we do not offer backups, though your Storage Box runs on RAID1 storage so it is redundant!
Still have a burning question? Let us know!