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The Fire Box (BETA)

£ 59.95
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    Full Windows 10 Machine
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    AMD Ryzen 3900x (6c 12t) CPU @ 4.6GHz
  •  icon=
    NVIDIA RTX 2060 (Or Equivalent/Better)
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    16GB's DDR4 3200MHz RAM
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    240GB M.2 NVME Storage
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    2000GB's (2TB) HDD Storage
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    Dedicted 1Gbps Network
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Ready to go!
No setup required! Log in, download your games and play! Yes, it's really that simple.
Backed Up
All of your games, media and documents are beamed up daily. Restore anytime with just a few clicks!
Constantly Evolving
We're constantly upgrading the Fire Box. We'll keep ahead of the game so you can ensure your Fire Box will take whatever you throw at it.

Fire Box FAQ

Have a question about The Fire Box?
All Fire Box's are on a 1Gbps (1000Mbps) network connection.
Our activation process usually takes between 5-7 days! Once payment is received you should receive an email within 10 minutes confirming your order. During peak periods this can change, check here for current activation times.
All Fire Boxes are located in the United Kingom in our Tier 3 N+N Data Center.
Short answer - If you're close enough yes, if not then no! We're working on releasing the Fire Box to 4 new countries by 2022.
You can use it for whatever you want! As long as you stick to our Terms & Conditions and don't break the law!
If 240GB's + 2000GB's of storage isn't enough for you we can add up to 10TB's (10000GB's) of additional HDD storage for £10/TB/M). Just pop a support ticket in and one of our team will kindly assist you.
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“I was saving for a new gaming computer but thought I'd give Fire Power Cloud a go first and I'm astonished! What an amazing experience, thank you Fire Power! ”
Jordan C
“I origionally purchased so I could play games on my bus commute (2 hours!) and I've since ditched my old gaming computer and switched to a Fire Box full time! That says it all.”
Dom M
“I have the Fire Box and I have to say it has been the best thing ever. The staff are very active and very swift to help, very polite and all in all the Fire Box is worth the price! ”
Lewis A
Avid Gamer