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Play all your games at max settings with top notch hardware that's always growing.
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No AFK timers, no shutdowns and no limits. Your machine is yours and always yours. On 24/7/365.
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One fixed monthly price. Never worry about upgrading, repairing or maintaining your Gaming PC ever again. We've got you covered from here.

Any device, anytime

Connect to your new Windows 10 Gaming PC using any smart device with an internet connection. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Play from any computer, regardless of its power and age

Hop on any computer and login to your Gaming Box in seconds. All your games ready to play at a click of your fingers.

Windows Apple OSX Linux & Ubuntu Google OS

On the sofa, in the garden or in bed.

Play from any Apple or Android tablets and access the full power of a gaming desktop in your hands. (Controller Support)

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On the train, at your friends or away for the weekend

Want to play a quick game on the move? Jump straight into a lobby and harness the power of a full Gaming PC from your Smart Phone. (Controller Support)

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+ Millions More!

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No hidden fees, no hidden contracts. Monthly rolling. Cancel anytime.

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Coming Q1 of 2024


You've got questions, we've got answers!
Absolutely not, your Gaming Box is yours 24x7x365. You are in complete control. Never worry about leaving your desk for too long, watching videos rendering, waiting for games to download or your media servers going offline. Your Gaming Box is always on, only for you. Never worry about a shutdown timer or overuse charge again. We’ve got you covered.
You Gaming Box will be paired with the latest gen RTX 4060, a close equivalent or something better. We have a small range of Graphics Cards we are testing during the BETA of The Gaming Box, so you can expect to see this spec change before the end of the BETA. But take our word for it, it’ll be top notch.
Our team are working hard preparing for a launch in Q1 of 2024, yes you heard that right. That's anytime between now and March 2024!
Whilst we will get you setup with the basics and we’ll get you connected nice and quickly, you have complete control over how you connect to your machine, making it super versatile and compatible with practically any device with an internet connection! You can use specialist software like Parsec or Moonlight, allowing you to play games with no latency with multiple monitors and 4k resolution and 4:4:4 colours. Get ready to game & create in the Cloud.
As time goes on hardware degrades and games become more demanding. All Gaming Box's are constantly upgraded in the background. You never have to pay for a pesky computer upgrade again, we've got you covered!
Still have a burning question? Let us know!