Connecting to your Office Box on iOS


Follow the simple steps below to get connected to your new Office Box from iOS!

Step 1 
Download 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'  from the iOS App Store (Direct Link for iOS)

Step 2 
Open 'Remote Desktop' from the home screen. You'll see the screen below, just click the '+' at the top right as shown below.


Step 3
Now click 'Desktop' and continue to the next page

Step 4
Fill the details required, for 'PC Name' you need to enter your Office Box IP Address (Received in your login email)
Under 'User Account' you need to enter your Office Box Username. This is set per user and is in your welcome email but is not shown in your dashboard, so be sure to take a note of it for future use.

Step 5

To find your password please login to the My Services tab in the Fire Power Dashboard. This password is shown under a secured blurred filter, click this to reveal it. Your password is not shown anywhere else and is not emailed to you. 
We highly recommend changing your password from the generated password, be sure to keep note as if you lose the updated password we cannot recover your Office Box or any of the files on it.


Step 6
Find your newly added Remote Desktop. This will show your IP Address unless you added a 'Friendly Name'. This can be done in 'Additional Options' in step 4.


Now, enjoy your new Office Box!

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